Headshots. er … that’s an old photo!

Have you ever heard or said that? Is it time to update your headshot? Summer is the perfect time for new headshots. Most of us (me excluded due to English, non tanning skin)  look better in the summer. Slightly better color, a more cheerful outlook. The weekends are fun at the beach. Really, your frame of mind can make a huge difference to how you feel about headshots. And if you’ve had any significant change  … why not celebrate the loss of some weight for example. Now’s the time. Early morning or evening appointments are available, and you can schedule online here. We make sure to retouch your images. Brighten your smile and eyes, soften the appearance of lines etc. If you’re not ready to book online, nip over to our FAQ and see if we can answer your questions.

Cartoon by Tim Whyatt. Bug driving a convertable "That's an old photo" whyatt.com.au